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Welcome to

Dold Financial Group

Your R.O.L. Partners

Discover Who We Are

Let’s Discuss What’s

Most Important to You

As your team of professionals, we work to clarify and prioritize the pieces of your life that are considered the most important. Our goal is to free you from uncertainty and doubt, so that you may focus on the people and purposes most meaningful to you. 

Together, we’ll help you achieve your Return On Life.

Core Values We Adhere To

What keeps us grounded as a firm and as your educator in finances?


Face the Complex or Feared

Working with you to address financial areas that you may tend to avoid.

Discover Our Approach

Embrace Challenges & Change

Guiding you in making progress in areas that may not be easy for you.

Discover Our Approach

Act As Your True Partner

Helping you arrive at a destination that may not have been possible on your own.

Discover Our Approach

You’ve Worked Hard To Get Where You Are…

How Can We Help You Put Your Wealth To Work?

Not all, but many of our clients come to us as employees of Purdue University. As such, we understand the value of education and have used our own experiences to emulate the impact coaching and teaching have had on us over the years. Through teamwork, confidence and clarity, we strive to help you approach your goals in a way that feels more attainable.


We’ll Help You Find the Freedom

To Prioritize What’s Important to You

See How We Help