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Our Process

Working As Your Team

To Help You With What Matters Most

The strategies we develop are truly tailored to who you are, where you come from and the vision you have moving forward. While we’re comprehensive in our approach, what works for you may not be the same for other clients, which is why we take a deep look at your unique needs and goals.

Our Planning Process

Step 1:

The Foundation

We’ll begin our relationship with a conversation surrounding your personal and financial goals, as well as any potential obstacles and opportunities. Additionally, we will outline what you can expect from us, the services we typically offer and what a mutually beneficial partnership looks like so that we can more forward effectively. 

Step 2:

Develop a Strategy

Once we have established your goals and collected any necessary data/information, we will develop an initial assessment of where you’re at. We will also discuss our financial focus areas and the management of particular timelines related to your circumstances. 

Step 3:

Navigate Your Goals

In evaluating details from your risk tolerance to portfolio construction, we’ll be able to better align your investments with your goals. We will use this understanding to ensure your financial vision is in line to determine the probability of your financial independence. Additionally, we incorporate Tax Planning, Risk Management and Estate Planning. 

Step 4:

Build Solutions

Next, we will work to implement our strategies for you and those involved. Our team will collaborate with your professionals (tax and legal advisors) as needed in order to set your plan in motion. 

Step 5:

Ongoing Wealth Inspection

Over time, we will meet to review and discuss your plan in order to ensure that it not only remains on track but is serving your current needs. Life happens and we look forward to helping you navigate it’s changes as they take place. 

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